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Will is a proud native of Vineland, New Jersey. He is running for Congress to fight for the people of South Jersey, and all Americans. Cunningham has spent his life working for all Americans from all walks of life, especially our most vulnerable.


Overcoming Great Odds

  • Will was raised by a single mother who worked hard at a factory job in Voorhees, NJ.

  • His family lived paycheck-to-paycheck, often spending weeks, sometimes months, without heat, hot water, or electricity.

  • When Will was in high school, his mother fell ill and his family became homeless.

  • Cunningham worked hard, and with the help of his supportive community he fulfilled his dream of being the first in his family to graduate college.

  • He graduated from Brown University in 2007, then attended law school at the University of Texas thereafter, graduating as Class President in 2012.

Working for Change

  • After college, Will helped kids who needed it most, teaching an inspiring group of teenagers in Texas through Teach for America (TFA). The children he taught renewed Will’s belief that with an equal playing field, anyone can make it.

  • Later Will worked for Senator Cory Booker. He spent his days listening to the people of New Jersey. It was an honor for him to serve as his community’s voice to our Senator, directly advocating for policies that helped the people of his great state live better lives.

  • Before stepping down from his job to run for office, Will worked in the House of Representatives as a prescription drug pricing Investigator on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He worked tirelessly  to make sure patients got medication they needed, and that big corporations didn’t put profits over the health and well being of the people of New Jersey.



Defying the Odds, Fighting for You


Will almost didn’t step into this race. Then he learned the business as usual Democratic machine had already picked their winner, and that “winner” wouldn’t be a win for the people of South Jersey.

He couldn’t stand by while the establishment decided it was their job, not the job of the people of New Jersey, to choose a candidate.

Will would keep his promise to himself, as he always had.

He would not stand by as a candidate who had already cast votes against the interests of hardworking South Jerseyans was anointed.

Will would run.

He would offer the people of New Jersey a real choice.

Will knew he faced an uphill battle against the powers that be. But he had overcome great odds before, and he would do it again. The people of his beloved home state deserved more than the same old politics, and the same old predictable and ineffective voices.

New Jersey deserves new solutions, not a coronation. 


If you believe in...

  • Affordable health care for all Americans

  • Protecting our resources and environment

  • Quality education for all children

  • Support for small businesses

  • Fair taxes, not huge tax cuts for our most wealthy

  • Training and livable wages for our workforce

  • Critical mental and physical care for Veterans

  • Reasonable college tuition for all students

And if you believe you deserve a choice and that it’s time for real change.

VOTE for Will Cunningham on June 5th.


The choice we need, the change we deserve.